Uther Ranked Gameplay Victory

When I play Uther I just choose my kind of healing ability which I have so when I go top to bottom on them I just stick with my team and whatever happends happends, so you know , when I go on the map and I’m fighting actual heroes in battle I am focusing on the weakest on on the weak point of them so I can deal significant damage to their team overlay.

This can be very intimidating to me beucase I have never experienced such a fulfilling voice before in my whole entire life so this may be the new next generation of gaming. Aiming for the head-shot of the team right?

When you down their leader it all comes falling apart right? That’s what predators do and that is what should I do also. When I am matchmaking so this is it I am going to leave this information here and when it is all over I hope you will all understand the concept of being number 1 on Heroes of the Storm Battlefield of Eternity.

Arthas Gameplay

Hi guys, this is me playing Arthas in Heroes of the storm, what do I want to talk to you about today is the Heroes of the Storm unique ranked system that plays so fast and so cool without any judgement what so ever so if you are trying to just climb the ladder of success in Heroes of the Storm ranked system just remember these rules:

1. Never play just for fun. Ok having fun is very important to be but it’s not just all important we need to win also to get the points we need.

2. Never turn your back on the enemy with low HP. This I guess you already know this is very fun to watch and very entertaining the way you die with low HP while running away from the enemy team.

3. Never let a defeat steal your wisdom winning capacity. I mean When you are defeated you feel like yeah I should have won that but when you look back in time at what you did, you didn’t actually deserve to win that whas just pure chance or your team mates supported you because you are too slow for this kind of winning technique.

4. Never let w winning streak get to your head. I mean this from the bottom of my heart, never let a winning streak get to your head because the losing streak may be way off harder to deal with than the actual winning program.

5. Play cool, play safe, and defend the base. You should always probably defend your city no matter what the consequences are even if you die this should be priority number one rule on the market of video game industry.