A strong mining foundation

Hello, I am about to talk to you in this article about mining and how can you make profit out of bitcoin mining or alt coin mining.

Firstly you need a place to put your bitcoin after you have mined it. The place for you to do that is Coinbase, you can find the link here. At Coinbase you get to generate you wallets in order for you to deposit your bitcoin profits. You go to settings tab in your Coinbase account and you generate your wallets at Crypto Wallets tab.

After you get your wallets done you need a miner. For starters I would recommend CryptoTab. You can get Cryptotab at this link.

The second thing in mind after you get your CPU miner activated is to get your GPU miner up and running because CryptoTab is best for integrated GPU laptops if you have a good running personal computer you can opt for Cudo Miner as well as going with CryptoTab in parallel just disable you CPU mining algorithm from your Cudo Miner and mine with your CPU with CryptoTab to maximize your profits with GPU and CPU simultaneously .

After you get your minimum 0.00001 BTC with CryptoTab withdraw your earnings to your Coinbase wallet and trade them for real money like USD or EUR.

The same thing you should do with your Cudo Miner although the minimum withdraw with Cudo Miner is 0.002 BTC I would strongly recommend you would get really good GPU’s in order for you to withdraw that amount as fast as you can.

The main reason I used Cudo Miner is that you have a stable alt coin that you mine at it automatically exchanges it to bitcoin. Not to mention that with Cudo Miner when you sign up for it you get a bonus of 0.00005 BTC to start from so they make it really easy to have a startup with them. But it could take a while for you to reach 0.002 BTC minimum withdraw limit for you if you only have one GPU. This can make sense if you decide to start your mining farm with Cudo Miner and if it really works for you then why not trying it.

It’s a good miner and you can make allot of profit from it, I personally choose CryptoTab for my CPU to mine with because it has a lower withdraw limit and it is slightly faster than Cudo Miner but I also need Cudo Miner to mine with my GPU, I should leave no part of my PC go to waste right?

So this is the solid foundation I was talking to you guys about, if you are really into Crypto mining this is the time and space to start it from, you can start your own mining farm just like I started when I found out about CryptoTab, it just rolled over from there into infinity and beyond. Just like a snowball you throw from the edge of a mountain peak and the longer it goes down the mountain the bigger the snowball gets and eventually generating your own Crypto avalanche.

Dungeon siege 2

Dungeon siege 2 is an RPG based game that is pretty much like World of Warcraft only way cooler, it’s an old school fantasy game in which you team up with players and NPCs and gather around to defeat NPC bosses which are highlighted in a brown area, it’s the first RPG I’ve played and it’s a good review about it I think that’s where the whole hunger for MMO-RPGs came from to me, it was one of the first RPG games I have played this way and it was awesome I still remember the good old days where you had a mage, a tank a healer and even a hunter you could team up with.
The good news about this game is that it’s more interactive than other RPGs it just feels more alive than other games even if the graphics are old fashioned I think it represents the reality a whole lot better than most games, and I would recommend other games to be inspired by Dungeon siege 2 because the gameplay is unique, I have heard that the story might not be original but the gameplay is.
In my point of view the action is in a faraway land and the whole purpose of the game is mostly grinding and finding other NPCs you can team up with to make a good consistent team in order to defeat harder bosses, this is the whole concept of the game but the true original thing I’ve seen in the game is the interface and how the player can interact and cast spells it just feel like the whole team is united and each has its role but the thing really is how do they cast in an automatic mode or just a selected spell which you have to cast every single time.

I think a lot of RPG games should take the Dungeon Siege example and see where it all began in the MMO world, we all started from somewhere and the whole foundation of the game really consists in these old fashioned low graphics games then make us remember why we started to play them in the first place.

Well this is an old fashioned game started from the beginning until the end, and it’s mostly about grinding so, get a team, get balanced, and get off.