This is outrageous

I just came back to you guys to tell you that facebook is the biggest scam to ever be made in the 21st century!

They can block you for literally posting anything against their law!

I got blocked on my main account for 30 days now, first they forgive me, then they ban me for one day then they ban me for 3 days then they ban me for consecutive 7 days in a row and after 2 sessions of 7 day bans i get the big 30 day ban.

I said ok if they don’t like my face then I will make another account and start yelling at them until they un-ban me. I made another account and I was careful enough not to mention my real name or my ex e-mail or my phone number and guess what, after a few days I get banned on this account too.

Like what the fuck are the facebook employees thinking when they do that? are they fucking insane, on my first two bans those with one day block and 3 day block was because I shared a meme with Hitler, and after that it just rolled over with bans like it didn’t even matter what I posted I get banned instantly.

Do they even call themselves employees? Is that even a business? I take this call out to report this website for harassing me and my legal freedom of speech .

I have the right to post anything I like on the web even if it’s Mark Zuckerberg’s website or my own. So fuck you Mark Zuckerberg and Fuck you all at facebook, I hate you. I hate your guts. You should go to hell.

Anti-Facebook post

Hi guys, I just returned from my workout. This post is about how I got blocked on facebook for writing my mind and not being conform to their policies. But if a movie star or music star does not obey facebook policies they get away with it.
This post is about all you facebook users who deny the fact that facebook is not manipulating you into believing you are not a human being anymore or you are some kind of sadistic animal or some sort.
Facebook posts make my brain hurt so I left them all behind and I started my own thing.
This way I make sure I do not disobey the law of attraction and make sense of everything around me anymore.
Please can you tell me this is the right way to do so?
I cannot stand by while millions of people are being brainwashed and murdered the same way that facebook does.
Please give me a call whenever you see this.
Your sincerely Asethabalanar.