Orphea HOTS Gameplay

Hi guys, tonight I wanna talk about you all about this little girl named Orphea, she’s so cute isn’t she?
The main reason I want to talk about her is that I had some pretty awesome games with her and it just really looks so nice on her the fact that she is a pretty little black magic wizard. She’s not a witch she’s a wizard although they can be synonims I don’t think they really are tho.
She’s the best out there when it comes to dealing a high burst of damage to nearby enemies and tackle tourrets and stuff like that.
Orphea was originally designed to be soft and caring to the enemies but although she’s not that tough she might want to pierce your armor with her auto-attacks.
The cute thing about her is that she is great at finding weak spots in enemies and tackling them far behind she has alot of movement on the map as you can see and is not that very shy about it also.
I have faith that one day Orphea might just wanna hang out with Gul’dan for a while and destroy enemies that could be a good combo ain’t it?
Enjoy the video I’ve made it’s pretty awesome a flawless Victory I’m proud of. Although I don’t Usually film ranked matches because of the high stakes it could be a risk I’m willing to take in the near or far distant future I don’t really know right now I just have to make up my mind about this sorts of things. Maby if I do ranked plays there will be more views I don’t know for sure but it could be a risk in losing/winning the matches that I can’t actually control unless I’m performing my best, I could end up with losers or leavers who knows, or I could flawless win, there is always a risk in doing something great always.

Artanis Gameplay

This is a gameplay video I made with Artanis in Heroes of the Storm, well I think it was fun, the main reason I played Artanis this time was to show you guys how can you combo dash with prism.
Dash is the first spell of Artanis while phase prism is the third spell. In order to make the move you have to dash first and after that you have to click the prism spell around the direction of your targeted enemy to catch him.
After you do this you both with switch places on the map. But be careful this move can make you go into the middle of the enemy team without the possibility to come back unless you run, you can’t teleport back after you phase prism.
But you and the enemy will switch places and considering Artanis as a shielded tank you have more suravibility than the supposed enemy if you targed weaker ones with prism.
The best thing about the move is that you get into the enemy team outnumbered while one enemy is in the middle of you team, you can rush back with twin blades faster to attack him ( it has a slight teleport this spell)
After you make this move the first thing you would want to do is get out of the enemy team’s encounter to save your ass 😀 and maby nuke the poor bastard you got cornered in the middle of your team.
I did this many times with Artanis but it got me a few tries before I figured out the move and one thing is to tell about it and another is to actually make it happen in the game.
I don’t have 100% precision with prism so sometimes I miss but sometimes I get it good and Artanis has alot of damage, you you put your talents into the third talent at level one you will get a quest to kill minions wich improves your damage (Seasoned Marksman).
So as long as you get this damage boost from your first talent just put all your talents into twin blades it doesn’t matter it’s just an overpowered spell I think it’s the best spell from him because the second two are more about movement and his ultimate only ulti that is good for him is the one wich blindes enemies in a circle ( Suppression Pulse).
The only relevant talents I use on Artanis are the ones I put in Twin Blades (e) the rest are less relevant to me and I don’t use them, because I know how much damage can Twin Blades do, I’ve did it so many times before.

I don’t play Artanis that much but when I do I usually win. 😀

Sylvanas Windrunner Gameplay

Sylvanas Windrunner, the best ranged assasin there is out there in the game (Heroes of the Storm)
My playstyle with her differs throught the game, I just tend to spam Q till cooldown and use W whenever available.
The tricky part with her is how you use your E ability (the teleport), I always tend to send my shadow in one direction and strafe phisically in other direction and when my shadow has reached it’s limit distance I hit teleport.
This thing is called a juke move, it’s practically disorienting the opponent while you teleport in another place, it makes them follow you and you teleport in the opposite direction making a bigger gap between the enemy and yourself.
This is the best move I can make with Sylvanas till now, you can see the move in the video I posted. The main reason I do this is not to unnecesary die in random fights. If I have the opportunity to escape I will by disorienting the enemy into thinking i’m going in a direction and actually I’m going in the opposite direction.
And it’s a verry effective move, not many people do that because it , requires fast hand clicking on the map.
As an ultimate I get black arrow for the silence effect, it silences enemy team in the area making it possible for extra damage and for me to recharde my cooldowns faster and even escape from the fight if needed.
Playing as Sylvanas I always get high scores because he is one overpowered hero especially if she’s even ranged, mele assasins are harder to play, ranged is easier.
She deals alot of damage with her Q ability and the talent wich causes Withering fire on attack. I get remorseless at level 13 on every Sylvanas play :).
I think this talent is better because you get an extra attack everytime you focus an enemy hero wich practically means doubling your ranged damage to them, with Withering fire and W added it practically destroyes enemy heroes in a matter of seconds.
But the best part as I told you is not that she has a very high damage outcome she has one of the best escapes in the game, and if you use it smar enough you probably will make the enemy team disoriented for a while.
That’s what I did so many time with her.

Enjoy playing her with her new tactics at hand.

Kerrigan Gameplay

Hi, I wanna talk to you guys about Kerrigan she is a starcraft hero, eventually ending up also in Heroes of the Storm as the blade queen.
I wanted to show you my tactics while playing her she is one of the strongest mele assasins out there and what’s not to like about her, gathering shield with annihilation with each spell and attack and gathering spell power with each minion kill I think she’s awesome.
About her ultimate I always choose Maelstrom instead of Ultralisc because of her annihilation gathering while she damages all nearby opponents, I want to mention that I always use this ultimate, because of the Ultralisc seems very squishy and low uprate time it just seems that it’s irrelevant therefor Maelstrom being the preffered choice here.
About her looks, she looks really awesome with her ravenous wings dosn’t she, I think Blizzard did a really good job at making her look this awesome and badass she is the bad girl from starcraft now being one of the baddest girls in the Heroes of the Storm universe.
She has an aggresive playstyle u tend to always want to hit something for the shield to gather around you and protecting you from unwanted damage.
It’s always hard to hit with your Impailing blades wich is your W because it has restricted area damage and is a very small zone where you stun.
The third ability wich is Primal grasp is usefull sometimes for pulling your opponents together and hitting them with your ravage (q ability)
The first ability and most important is the Ravage wich makes a jump on the enemy dealing significant damage and gathering assimilation (for the shield)
At level 4 you have a talent to choose you can choose it to put it in a quest for ravage to have it’s damage increased by a number of minions killed with ravage wich is Sharpened blades it goes to a limit of 75 minions killed and about 50 additional damage increase on your ravage.
The way I personally play Kerrigan is one of those ways where you would want to hit all your abilities I mean just hitting the jackpot with your Impailing blades stunning as many heroes as possible and after that just hitting ravage and maelstorm on a gathering of enemies for the aoe effects.
If you want to see my full talent build just watch the video as I play Kerrigan and you will learn more about what talents I use in the game.
The talents may vary because the are many ways of playing her mostly depending on what team members your team has ( what heroes) and what enemy heroes you encounter in the enemy team.

So just enjoy the play and leave a comment telling me what you think about it.

Arthas Gameplay

Hi guys, I’ve been playing Arthas for a while and I might want to say that he’s a very good tanking healer, he can’t heal other team members but he can heal himself so that’s good, I put my ultimate in the army of the dead for the increased self stustained healing
It was a good match overall we won by no problems and the good thing it was that it was easy, as I mentioned in the earlier posts having a good team really makes a difference so I gues it was the team or the combo I don’t know we won flawless the talent build was more specifing on the Death Coil and Trait (Frostmourne) so I maxed those got the healing and the damage it was really easy but not all games are like this sometimes the enemy team combo such as abathur, butcher and lili can really pwn just saying they can really go well together, especially when you play ranked, there is what the team is all about in ranked play.
I have played here some quick match games so when I’ll go official you guys will surely find out xD.
There is not much to say just watch the video and you can comment bellow to state your opinion

We had Arthas Greymane, Qhira , Kharazim and Nova and they had Kel’Thuzad, Medivh, Muradin and Sylvanas.

Valla Gameplay

In this video I played Valla on Towers of Doom in Heroes of the Storm and as far as I can say it was pretty good, for me, because I didn’t feed and I got some kills but the enemy team was pushing two lanes and we couldn’t cope with it not with them having 2 ex-specialists.
The main reason I played Valla here was to show you guys my talent build.
I almost every time that I play valla I max my trait talents. I always play vala with auto-attacks so getting those 10 stacks of Hatred can really boos your damage.
As I see Valla is a tank shredder so in this game they didn’t have a tank so it was pretty hard to make a kill, Valla is best against tanks at level 16 she has a talent that every third attack she strikes gets down 5% of the targets health, cosidering the speed at wich she shoots and the range i’d see her as a very hard thing for tanks to compe with in my opinion. She can shred tanks from afar easily and down them really quick.
I can see that in every team fight Valla might want to focus the tank and those who sit right ahead of the team, she shouldn’t go into the enemy team considering she is very squishy she can relax and hit the first target that comes into her way cosidering the range and the high damage dealing not to mention her shooting speed.
As my ultimate I ussualy get the second talent Rain of Vengeance for the stun not the damage because I think she might need some CC to escape or engage.

So I would recommend that every time you guys play as Valla in HoTs just think about her as a tank shredder rather thank a high dps ranged assasin.

Yrel Gameplay

Hi guys, I played a match with Yrel today so I might thought I should share it with you guys, this time we won but not because of me I had a pretty good awesome team we just played our part and it was awesome and it wasn’t even hard. What do I love about Yrel is that she is a physically healing tank she’s just a bruiser that heals herself whenever in need and with her ultimate put in the first talent the above one just gets a shield that protects her and healrs her on the amount of damage inflicted to her
So it’s pretty cool to feel like an immortal tank now days, in games actually you feel undefeated and that’s a very cool feeling
I didn’t die much but my team played very good this time I usually go for solo lanes and soak on lanes but I come to the team when I’m in need
I think that in Heroes of the Storm teamplay is crucial to winning the game every team member has to do they’re part in winning like either sticking to the team or just soaking or like abathur sitting in base and shielding everyone and sending minions to the enemy camp
We had a good combo although they had murky and he is quite an annoying hero to play against actually because he can push lanes very fast and destroy towers before us noticing it and he can escape but he has a downfall he is very squishy and dies really quick but instead of that he has an egg wich makes him respawn faster than other heroes.
We had no problem winning this fight everyone doing they’re part it was just cool enough I had to film it and show it to you guys.
It wasn’t the best play but when you know how to play you’re hero you always do a good job, but if you play something new and start learning a new champion it get’s harder before you get the mechanics right.

So stick around and I’ll show you guys more videos and stuff on how do I play video games maby I will roll on league of legends further beyond and let’s see what happends.

Nazeebo Gameplay

I wanted to show out my tactics with him, I usually play with toads I prefer the damage over time effect and put my talents into the toads, although I’ve been learning about spiders being better it’s all about preferability. So I maxed the toads and my first talent was toads reaching out far more than usual to extend the length I had to put my first talent and to extend the damage I had to select the toads talent at level 7 ( toads hitting harder with each hop) then I got the ice block at level 13 it’s a good survival mechanism because if you are cornered someone can come and save you between those 3 seconds while you are frozen.
It wasn’t much of a match we again lost this like in the Tyrael one but at least we tried, I want to mention that I had leaver buster so maybe my team wasn’t that good ( I had the most kills in my team)
I tried playing in this match as a siege master, taking into consideration the fact that Nazeebo was a specialist in the past now he is a ranged assassin.
Talking about the ranked system that could be very well improved if Blizzard would be more specific on the roles or more precise on what each class is doing, I mean they need flexibility man
Being precise is not that good anyway, the old naming of the heroes was way better: specialist, assassin, tank, and support, etc.
In time you get used to the new names like Sylvanas was a specialist now shes a ranged assassin, Zargarra was a specialist now she’s a ranged assassin and so on.
The things that you once were used to are changing and it’s ok at least I am on choosing on which hero to pick next time when I play and it’s not ARAM.
Of course with the name change comes the rework also so they were specialists in the past now they are ranged assassins so they have to modify their spells also.
Because when you change the named classes you also have to take into consideration modifying their spells.

In this game I recorded we didn’t even get one giant robot on Volskaya Foundry, a very hard map if you ask me.
I don’t like all the maps in the game and I’m not even good at all the maps in the game, but that’s just irrelevant, maybe in time while I get more experience I will be better at it but gaming takes time and learning how to play takes even more time.

Tyrael Gameplay

I wanted to show you guys my talent tree with Tyrael that I’ve been playing, I tried to put my talent in the blocking field at level 13 so I could juke them off the zone when needed but it was such a poorly played game and it wasn’t even my fault about it so, I just tried not to feed the enemies but my team did feed so, unfortunately, we lost this one particular match.
But the point is that I wanted you guys to see my game style and how I play him, I’m not that pro although I have some experience in the MOBA field , my tactics are simple, try not to feed and defend the base when needed, if the enemy team is weaker than us we just rush them 5v5 and break them down after that we push to their core.
It’s a simple strategy actually but it does not work all the time, most of the enemy players especially in the ranked matchmaking system are very good I think I am bronze 3 now in Heroes of the Storm, because I don’t have the necessary time to deal with the high playing routine going on in the ranked system, I mean you have to play a lot and win to rise so I prefer just playing for fun.
On weekends I play ranked when I have the time because it takes way longer to raise your win 2 games and you lose 3, that’s what it usually happens to me.

So maybe I’m making more videos of my trying new heroes as I get more experience playing the game because, to be honest, I’m quite new to Heroes of the Storm, I’ve been playing it for like about one year and a half, and not hardcore not to mention, lol.