Not every loss is a loss, sometimes you win sometimes you earn.

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn or earn in the terms that I speak, sometimes you win the battle and sometimes the battle wins you.
This is karma and the karmic law is this way.
If you lose something it was never meant to be in your possession from the beginning so why stress yourself about it anyway?
Why stress yourself about something you cannot even control?
Why stress yourself about your life when you can’t even see if you are going to be alive to see another tomorrow.
You just assume you will live to see tomorrow but you never know if you’re actually going to see it do you?
You may never know if tomorrow ever will come, and you live with the fear that you might die any day even today.
You live in fear that every day can be your last day on this earth.
You live in fear that this day can be your last day with us.
You live in fear because you don’t know what’s on the other side of today, you don’t know what’s on the other side of tomorrow either, the tables can turn real quick on you and you have to act fast if you’re going to catch the change of survival, and if not, you’re already dead to us.
If you’re not going to catch the chance at survival you are already dead, do you know why?
Because you’re not actually living your best life are you?
You’re just a plain old boring guy with a save desk job who does not care about the inflation or global warming or either this pandemic.
You’re just a plain old broken guy who seeks revenge on your fellow people that once cared about you and now you’re hunting them down like unsuspecting prey to the tiger or lion.
You’re hunting them down because they hurt you and you need to step back and take a moment to taste on this beautiful and meaningful revenge that you’re consuming right now.
This revenge that you take on other people is not meaningless.
Treating people with the same disrespect that they treated you means you have matured enough for your survival instincts to kick in when you feel like you’re in danger.
So actually what revenge is is that it actually is a survival instinct, you are actually going to survive the pandemic probably and you are probably going to survive even another day in your live, but I’m going to tell your what you won’t actually survive, and that is your last day on this earth.
No one is going to survive his last day on earth that is for sure.
I am certain that neither am I going to survive that.
It is painful and awful to see things this way but it is necessary for our own growth and development.
To see and manage any obstacle with ease.
Turn the tables on them, and use every rock and adversity thrown at you in your own advantage, this is the way I see it.
Turn the rocks they threw at you into stepping stones for your own success.
Let them hate, let them blame, actually it’s their own fault they got right there in the first place isn’t it?
Well to hell with them because they don’t matter to me anymore, they’re as good as dead men and women to me.
Nobody escapes death and we are all equal in front of it.
We are all equal in front of death, it does not matter your social status or your financial status when death comes you will know it but it will be too late to see it.
It will be too late to do something about it, do you know why?
Because you will end up there even if you want to or not.
Death does not ask for permission when coming, it just comes and that’s that.
Thank you for watching and listening to me, I love you all friends.

Think before you speak!

When you feel the need to speak listen to this one right here.
This is me playing World of Warcraft and making a video about it on youtube.
This is me recording my video and uploading it to youtube.
This is me online.
My private life online.
My public life online.
I have no boundaries what is my private or public life so I just put it online whenever I want to.
I post whatever I like say what I feel in that moment and if it all goes well, to hell with it, if it ends bad then it’s my fault but if it ends good then it was worth it right?
Wrong, we have two choices to make here, either we risk it all and gain nothing either we risk nothing and gain it all.
I choose to risk it all because it’s more fun this way.
I choose real danger because it’s exciting, do you know why I did that?
Because I don’t want to live a life with shame and regret, I am not chasing material things anymore, I am chasing myself, I choose to be the leader of my own people, I choose to lead my people to Victory, I choose to be the one and only leader who is not in love with money but with kindness and respect and honor for other people, I choose honor because honor is much more important to me and money ever will.
I choose honor because money could never buy honor.
I choose honor because I am an honorable man made with honor pride and respect.
I choose to be honorable and respectful to other people.
I choose to be honor, I choose to be respectful and be respected in return. I choose to be big, I choose to be great, I have chosen to be the best at what I do.
I have chosen to be the best and greatest at what I currently do.
I can never settle for less than that.
I can never settle for less than the best and the greatest at what I actually do.
I can never settle for less than I actually am and deserve.
I can never settle for less than I actually can and will do.
I can never settle for less then actually being the greatest, the most ruthless and the most mean guy out there.
I can never settle for less than always being me myself and and on the mic, on the phone, or everywhere I go.
I can never choose to settle for less than I am.

I want to make more followers and viewers to my blog

In order for us to make more followers and viewers to our blog we must firstly post original content, not copied from another place and paste it to our blog, this is not how blogging works although you could actually do that, that is not original content.
In order for us to attract more people to our blog or website we must be willing to pay the price of originality and visual/virtual content.
We must make this content very approachable to people and not be misleading in our words and actions, we must be very careful about what we write to our people because they might understand your words but they might not get the essence of the words you are typing, for example if you post a comment on my blog or my youtube channel and it is not getting a reply what do you do?
Nothing, right?
You do nothing because you do not know what to do.
This is the same with writing, when you write you write and you still write you get no comments no appreciation on what so ever you are talking about on your blog, am I right?
Wrong, if you post bullshit all the time how can people read you I mean what credibility do you still have with them and with the people you are writing to?
There is no credibility left for you to give.
There is nothing left for you to give because you have none, just like a beggar living without a home, there is you standing watching me as a write doing nothing without a blog.
So my first advice to you is that you would build your blog just like I did, and do it for free at the beginning and after a while money will come but you have to be patient with it just like I am right now.
For example I have other sources of income like bitcoin for example, you can click the link and it will send you to build your own mining pool.
You can mine bitcoin for example for cash anytime you want you just have to start to get started right?
Bitcoin is actually free money so you don’t have to do anything for them you just start mining and it’s all yours all you need is a wallet to get them stashed somewhere and after that you sell them at market price.
Bitcoin is really easy to use and anyone can do that on any computer with less or more performance but the important fact is that it is virtual money and it is yours.
You can also trade it for real money if you want and get a reasonable price for it, so why not try it today?
What could possibly go wrong I mean it is easy to mine , fast, reliable source of income, and very expensive when you sell it.
You get alot of cash just for keeping your PC up and running all the time what more could you possibly want from a computer or he internet if not to make money for you?
I mean that’s what machines are made for, to work for us, to make life easier for us.
In fact I’m going to put it like this, black people are not the 21st century slaves anymore because machines are.
Machines are the 21st century slaves not black people anymore.
So please take good care of our equipment because we need them all.
God bless you all, may peace rest in your hearts forever, Amen.
It all starts small but it ends out big.
We all need that tiny snowball to be thrown into the mountain peak just to reach the bottom as an avalanche.
If you know what I’m saying 😉
When you feel the need to speak listen to this.

When I said I am the Karma Law this is what I mean

When I told you I am the Karma law I actually meant to tell you that I use the Karma Law in my favor I invented the Karma Law and it exists withing me, I invented this Law long ago while meditating on life.
So what do you actually give that is what you will get, you give money you get money you give love you get love and everything you want.
But first in order to receive that which you want to obtain you must give first and after that all will come back to you eventually in one way or another.
So what I am actually saying is that nothing and anything is going to go to waste in real life.
No, not really.
You are not wasting your time, your are not wasting your money on this, it does not actually going away you are giving to receive something in return.
It’s just like a bargain or some sort, I give this to you in order to receive this from you.
So this is what actually karma is, nothing is ever wasted if you trust the karma law.
You are actually selling something and receiving something in return.
I give to get simple as that.
Just like I live to die.
I give to get is the same as I live to day.
So in general terms speaking we are all equal no matter the race the color or the languages we are speaking.
Because we are all human.
This is the karma law.
I am Asethabalanar your host for the evening.
And I salute you fellow friends.

No one but ourselves can free our minds

No one but ourselves can free our minds.
It’s like a splinter in your mind, a prison for your mind, a prison that you cannot see or feel or touch.
A prison that is designed for your mind and for your mind only.
That’s why most of us don’t see with our mind’s eye.
Because we are blinded by the splinter in our minds.
Only the splinter can tell if we see or not.
But it’s up to us to make something about it.
In order to see with your mind’s eye you have too get rid of all the fear in you.
You have to be fearless only when the heart is at peace the mind’s eye will open.
This is also called the third eye.
And can open only when the heart is clean of fear.
If you are still afraid come take my hand I will show you what most people don’t actually see.
Which is very deep into the heart’s soul.
Every man and woman on this earth can see with his third eye.
It’s called third eye open and you can only open it when you are clean enough to withstand and bear the pain of existence.
Reality is very rough and you see that everyday but you don’t understand it.
Third eye open really makes you understand reality not only see it.
So in order to understand reality you have to have your third eye open.
For short I will tell you that I realized this only after I took medicine for my brain.
I opened my eyes and saw only sin around me.
So I became a sinner. Because I thought it was normal to be like this.
But it’s not it really is not.
And the church does not get rid of the sin it only makes it worse.
This is my opinion.
I don’t go to church but if I go sometimes that does not mean that I am a good christian.
I’m not. I actually am not.
I don’t believe in Christ I believe in Buddha so I’m a buddhist at heart so you cannot convince me otherwise.
Thank you all for reading and watching my shows.
God bless you all.

I am bipolar and proud of it, I am not ashamed of me

I am bipolar and I am not ashamed of myself I can say it out loud to anyone, yes I take medicine to get well, Yes I have a mental disease, speak up people about your problems because they can only be resolved if you speak about them.
If you have a problem and you do not talk about it it becomes a bad habit and it will destroy you.
Speak up, talk loud but just talk about it, talk about your feelings, talk about your guts, talk about anything, talk about everything, talk anywhere and with anybody but just talk something.
You see the government wants you to be silent.
So be anti-government and just talk about it.
Talk talk talk about anything problems, sex life, even in public speaking do not be ashamed of yourself, do not be ashamed of who you are, do not be ashamed of anything.
Just imagine that you are naked in the big city in public.
Imagine yourself being naked and walking down the street no pants no bra no nothing on you.
Adam and Eve’s clothes so, you are walking naked on the streets of the big city.
This should be you who reads this, be naked with your soul.
Express yourself, express everything.
Express every part of your living being, Express anything.
Express yourself.
Express your universe my dudes.
Express the universe inside of you 🙂
This is my concept that I want to deliver to you guys.
Firstly I am not ashamed of my disease and problems and I want to share this with you and I don’t even feel bad about it.
I feel right now that I can talk about anything.
I can talk for hours and days and weeks and years.
I want to talk about it so just listen.
Listen to your guts my friends.
Listen to anything and everything your body says about you.
It’s the language of the body that betrays your attitude.
So we all can see that guys and girls.
That’s why animals know this and some of us don’t.

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Make a change, make an impact on the world

Firstly I want to tell you all that the changes starts with us each and every one as an individual in the world. If one changes we all change this is life.
If I change then you change and so on, it is a repeatable process as long as it goes into the world.
Change comes in so many forms and places, it can happen instantly to anyone you might never know who do you change or who is next to change.
You might never know who you will change next if it’s you or the other guy or girl on the block or in the world or in the universe.
You might never know who changes and who is not changed by the experiences he had.
Changes happen so often and so rapidly you don’t seem to express them or even know them you might never know they are there anyway.
Anybody can change it is just a matter of time until it actually happens to all of us as individuals as styles or as systems we can change the systems we the people have the power to do that.
And I trust in change because change is good and can happen for a variety of reasons known or unknown to man, firstly to change yourself or somebody you need to act quick and not think at all at what you are doing in the present moment.
You need to be faster than the speed of light it is similar to the speed which light is absorbed into a black hole, the speed in which light is absorbed into that black whole is bigger than the actual speed of light can travel.
So the speed of the black holes gravitational system is bigger than the speed in which light can travel around the universe.
So therefore darkness is more powerful than the light this I can tell you honestly.
And nothing compares to the dark, there is more dark matter in the universe than it is light.
We all need light, we need the suns we need them to make us see and perceive everything around us.
Without light it would have been only darkness everywhere.
That is what the big bang stands for, the beginning of the light because before of the big bang there was only darkness all around us.
There was no light before so therefore we shall have light from now on.
You can see it in your eyes.
I can see it you can we all can.
We can see light we can see infra red we can see in the darkness now.
We can see the nothingness which is the vast expansion of the universe all around us.
We can see the planets all around us we can feel the stars that shine for us, we can feel our stars really big out there in the sky it even makes me dream that anything is possible and that anyone can change the world around us not just me my fellow friends.
I can change myself so you can change yourself so we can all change by ourselves for ourselves all together.
We can all make a change and a difference in this universe because we are big enough to do that so.
Just do it as the Nike commercial says.
Do it what do you got to lose?
It’s you life man you can do anything the hell you want just be free enough to realize that nothing is impossible in this world not even our humanly flesh is not enough to withstand the pain of giving birth to a human child.

The Art of The Karma Law

What you send into the world will eventually come back to you.
If you send and share love, it will come back to you that love.
If you send and share hate, that hate will come back to you eventually.
The Art of The Karma Law is that if you master this art and this karma that you have.
If you can master karma then karma becomes your ally not your foe. You will have good karma and better karma and so on.
But if things get out of hand and you suffer you are betrayed you are beaten and you are killed that is a sign of bad karma my friends and something is not good about you.
It’s the same way when you get sick you get a disease because you did something wrong in your life.
You did bad things to someone or to yourself.
This is bad karma that is happening right now, and you feel uncomfortable about it.
When you have the good karma everything flows naturally.
And if you focus on this karma for a while you shall see that you are the only one controlling yourself and no one else can control you but yourself.
If you master the art of karma by the way I am telling you this because I was also a Buddhist and I believe in Buddha and not in Christ.
I was and still am a Buddhist until this day and I want to tell you that I love it.
It is my belief and I believe in it with all my heart and soul.
I am Buddha. Right now.
And by being a Buddhist I must master the law of karma.
And know as many things about karma as I can.
You can never know what might await you.
So be careful and be cautious always.
With love, yours truly Asethabalanar
(Ex. Bruce Lee)
I believe in Buddha by the way and his name was Siddartha Gautama he was a prince in Nepal.
And I believe in him.
Buddhist by heart and buddhist by nature, I was born to reborn.