Rogues, World of Warcraft

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Rogue classes in Battle for Azeroth nowadays are very easy to play, I had no problems what so ever with them, It’s easy farming with combat dungeons and questing I want to try to level now a rogue with the assassination specialization, to see what we can do with it, to maybe make a comparison between assassination and combat specializations and see which one is better or is that left at your latitude to decide which is more fun, I think subtlety rogues are good at PVP but also assassination ones and combat, practically rogues are made for PVP and PVE evenly in specializations, all the specializations being damage dealers.

While leveling I would recomment using combat one, but in PvP I would say that assasination is better with all the stunlocks, you can level even in PvP battlegrounds because it gives you experience if you win, therefore it’s a easy way to make some experience in a player versus player environment. For me leveling while while in battlegrounds is more fun than doing dungeons as a rogue because rogues are very efficient in combat and highly effective too.

While leveling I would recommend a questing zone in your level range and queue for dungeons and battlegrounds for shorter wait time and it’s just power leveling from there absolutely, doing quests , farming dungeons and battlegrounds it’s the fastest way to reach maximum level, because you’re always gaining xp not just waiting for dungeon queue to pop up you’re actually doing them quests and I’m proud of you.

Heirlooms are great so if you have them you will get a nice boost, I don’t have a max level rogue yet but when I will have one I’m actually going to tell you how high level PvP is doing. Should be different from leveling battlegrounds because at maximum level all the players have very high ilvl and if you’re a fresh 120 you should get the items first and after that do PvP, don’t battle with someone with better gear because it might be useless.
Have fun playing rogues, they are kick-ass.

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