Gaming PC vs Laptop

Posted by WooCommerce

Although there are a lot of gaming laptops out there, there are a lot more gaming PCs. The best machine for playing video games is Personal computers by far, always been, always will be. A gaming laptop is a smaller PC you can carry on with you wherever you go. People buy laptops because they can carry them wherever they go, and if they are gaming laptops they can play games wherever they go. I had a gaming laptop but it didn’t last very long, I had to repair the ventilation system several times. Most of them are good for a fluid game experience but think about how long will they work? When I build a PC I think in terms of years, how many years will this PC’s technology would last me before it gets left behind by the new hardware that gets released every year?

When I’m thinking of building a gaming PC I’m thinking like about 10 years in advance, you have to take into consideration the fact that you invest money in it, a lot of money but 10 years from now on you will be playing the latest games at extreme video graphics. You can also play video games at extreme graphics with laptops but after a while, you start hearing that annoying noise of the fan who is like a guy telling you: “Man, take it easy with that gaming it’s summer outside haven’t you seen the latest global news reports?” It’s climate change.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that laptop has built-in fans that work for a while very good and after then you have to replace them. They can’t be ventilated properly if you look at them you would say well that’s a laptop just looks like a larger book. I’m not using laptops for gaming, I use them for everything else but not video games, I need a real PC for that.

In the long run, PCs overthrow laptops just for lasting many more years than them and for investing some money in something you will have a very long time, it is very difficult to change parts on a laptop if it gets underrated, but if you don’t like your PC’s processor you can change it very easy, unlike laptops which I don’t think you can do that. For me, PC’s are the best gaming tools I ever had, laptops for me are just for web surfing, writing, reading, and just socializing about my opinions, I have several gadgets with which I’m playing or just hanging around the web. WooCommerce

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