Shaman Enhancement

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You may have played a shaman before, you may know the power of Windfury and Stormstrike, and how it’s consecutive attacks deal a significant amount of damage to the target. Shamans are a very versatile class from healing abilities to turning into a ghost wolf and escaping enemies to dealing with a high amount of mele damage to enemies. The only thing a shaman cannot do is to tank.

Enhancement shamans focus mostly on attack damage, critical strike and attack speed, the more you have attack speed and critical strike the more damage you will do. You can dual wield melee one-handed maces, axes, fist weapons and daggers. You have a set of melee attack spells like Stormstrike,Rockbiter and Lava Lash, your melee weapons are engulfed in an enchant named Windfury which makes your attacks trigger extra attacks. To me, all these sets of attacks make the shaman a savage melee dealer more like a fury warrior.

The resemblance between the fury warrior and enhancement shamans are huge, both are melee damage dealers both can dual-wield except the warrior dual-wields two-handed weapons like axes, maces, polearms, and swords. While the shaman can only dual-wield one-handed melee weapons. The shaman to me is like a druid, it can heal itself, deal damage but cannot tank, the druid can occupy all three roles it can tank, DPS, and heal at the same time just switching forms, from tree form to cat form to bear form, all druid forms have different roles for the druid and the group.

While the shaman has Bloodlust the mage has Time Warp, you see, Blizzard made a connection through these classes because if you miss one type of class it could be replaced with another when needed. That’s where the differences and the resembles from different classes come from, they are all interconnected and can complete or replace each other in a raid environment when needed. Although the enhancement shaman’s role is clearly pointed out that of being a melee damage dealer with powerful rapid strike it can heal or use totems for various roles like movement slowing effects, stun, and fear removing capabilities.

That’s about all of the enhancement shaman, to me it’s a very powerful melee opponent that can finish the job real quick if he has the necessary items, and I’m talking about PvP and PvE. I will show you my PvE talent build of my shaman that I made myself I don’t usually search for talent builds on the internet I like to make my own playstyle but at some point in time I did so, for some of you who are searching for a PVE enhancement talent build here it is :

Enhancement Shaman talent build

Only reasonable changes I’ve made between two similar talents was choosing hailstorm instead of searing assault because I hit faster than that damage over time effect could damage the enemy and instead of Spirit Wolf I chose Earth Shield for the healing bonuses, the others are typical PvE to me I do just fine but I haven’t measured my DPS stats yet, I should get an addon like Skada or Damage Meeter when I get the addon I’ll show you my raid or dungeon DPS, probably in the near future.

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