League of Legends Runes

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League of Legends runes, they can be found premade or you can make your own combinations. The main rune pages are:

  • Precision
  • Domination
  • Sorcery
  • Resolve
  • Inspiration

The runes I focus on my gameplay are precision, domination, and sorcery, I rarely play with resolve and inspiration because my main focus is on dealing as more damage to the enemies as possible. According to League of Legends, you can make combinations between precision and domination or precision and sorcery as you would like, but there are standard combinations given like Precision: The Perfect which you cannot change.

You can combine precision with domination or domination with precision, in a different order or you can combine domination with sorcery to receive different stats as you would like and fit your game style.

I tried Domination: Precision to get as much life-steal as possible from runes so I won’t die early or in late game without buying a life-stealing item, just attack speed and damage. My build looked something like this, as you see I’ve tried to get as much lifesteal possible from my runes for my lane farming and survivability as an ADC which I’ve played with these runes it was ok as long as I had the damage and attack speed needed to survive my enemies, the lifesteal started to notice after I got a few kills and was about middle to late game until that it is quite insignificant.

To get the needed lifesteal from your runes you have to complete their requests like farming minions or killing enemy champions to improve the rune stats. At some point while I was playing Kai’Sa I had no life-stealing items, the only life-stealing item I had was Wit’s End which gave me a bit of lifesteal. You may already know the fact that Aatrox is one of Kai’Sa’s counters and we had a 1v1 fight, him he couldn’t take any of my hp so I guessed that I didn’t really need items like Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King I could just get life-stealing runes.

I want you to know as soon as possible that you can customize your runes to what you think it’s better for your hero or a set of heroes, I personally opted for lifesteal for my ADC’s because life-stealing items are costly and I could get the same amount and even more lifesteal from my runes. The standard rune pages given are more general based like they don’t focus on one stat they want you to have as many boosts in stats as possible just like in high-school, it teaches you everything you don’t need to know to be successful in real life only when you get to college you focus on a single domain of learning, that is how the LoL rune system works, you get general stats or focus on a primary stat you want to make the most out of it you do that by customizing rune pages by yourself.

More ways to combine your runes: You could try Domination: Sorcery this is an example. The build I made for you focuses mostly on dealing with the highest amount of damage in a very short time, this is called a damage burst when you focus more on damage rather than attack speed life steal or cooldown reduction. As soon as you get more damage from your custom runes you will have a significant advantage over your opponents in-game, most players in the game have the standard runes which can be good if you don’t really know for sure what does your hero need most in the game ( which stats you need to be more efficient) but if you know what makes your hero be so overpowered just make custom runes of your choice to improve your game style.

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