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Durotan is a fictive character in World of Warcraft who is the chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, a gang of orcs prepared for survival in the vast wastelands of Draenor. Durotan meets some challenges in the book I’ve read about him, being chieftain makes him the leader of the clan and thus far he can decide what to do with the future of the clan. The clan is confronted by two problems in the novel, their world is invaded by Gul’dan an evil orc who uses black magic and has disciples The Red Walkers which means they are the bad guys. Being the bad guys they want to massacre the Frostwolf Clan claiming their territory for their own.

Durotan has two options here, either he flees for other territories risking to lose his and the clan’s homeland either he faces the red walkers and defeats them. In the book, he chooses to go for the aid of the spirits which are in grave danger because of Gul’Dan’s foul magic in the zone. Durotan leads his clan for the aid of the spirits in their realm and finds out they are weakened and in need of help too. There are five spirits in the game: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Life. Durotan meets with the Life spirit and finds out they won’t be around for much time and he wonders how can the spirits be destroyed if they are not material. The answer was Gul’Dan who used his power to drain the energy of the spirits. Eventually, The Red Walkers followed them to the spirits and a great battle was started between the Frostwolf Clan who protected the spirits and The Red Walkers with Gul’Dan who seek to destroy them.

You can buy the book from the link below:

Warcraft: Durotan: The Official Movie Prequel

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