Howling Abyss Inspiration

Posted by WooCommerce

In League of Legends, there is a game mode called ARAM I use it often to try new champions and experience different builds. I use Draft mode in Summoner’s Rift to choose which lane I go. ARAM is a random mode where you are given a random champion to play, although you can randomize your champion different times, when you randomize your given champion the champion you had goes on the top of the screen, there are the leftover heroes which none of your teammates wanted and you can pick one of them to play.

Even if it is a random game mode you have some control over which champions to play you can randomize 2 picks from your screen or you can select a leftover hero. In the game you can gather gold very fast and try new item builds, but be careful to take into consideration the fact that Summoner’s Rift usable items are different than Howling Abyss’s items so you have a different set of items to experience but you will manage to get the idea on which build is better for your champion.

You can learn a wide range of different champions in Howling Abyss if you own them. If you own all the champions it’s the best way to experience most of them. If you play ARAM and you want to try a specific champion I would recommend playing Summoner’s Rift Draft mode instead of Blind pick because you can choose which lane you go and which character to play, not worrying about someone stealing your champion or lane. I’ve seen through my years of experience in League of Legends that there are many trolls out there and mostly teenagers play this game. I’m not a teenager and I see the game very objective that’s why I don’t have on my super competitive mode when I play I try to figure out new methods of winning without raging or being toxic to other players which is the case for the majority of the players out there because most of them want to only win and if they can’t they will blame other members for the team’s failure.

Howling Abyss I think it’s the least toxic environment you could get it really doesn’t matter if you win or lose, they don’t have a ranked system implemented for it yet but it could be a concept for it. So if you don’t play to win you enjoy the experience more than just focusing on killing the enemies faster before they kill you, you must try to understand the game and what is about and what it can teach you before you become a pro. Not understanding the game’s concepts can lead to a toxic environment and frustration if you lose the match before the enemy team. If you don’t know how to play how will you win? Every loss I had I always tried to figure out why I lost if I know for sure why I lose I can fix it next game or in future games, but if I don’t know I will blame the team for it.

Sometimes the team is ignorant and doesn’t communicate at all, that means they focus on playing rather than talking which is a good sign. ARAM matches last about 10 to 15 minutes in my case it really rolls out pretty quick I rarely have time to make a full build on it so I try to soak as much gold and experience as possible, ranged champions are the best ones in Howling Abyss because it allows you to stay alive more while damaging opponents. Even if you or a teammate kills the minion you get a part of the given gold so it’s a shared gold gathering experience map which allows you to gather gold fast and make items and improve your champion this can lead you understanding new champion abilities rather than item sets it makes you not worrying about how much gold you have instead it makes you focus on your gameplay.

ARAM experience to me is more like a learning technique that makes me understand unused champions better or champions I don’t usually play, sometimes when I haven’t played a given champion and it randomizes in Aram and I play it for the first time it makes me feel that I have to try new things from time to time maybe I will discover something I didn’t know before. WooCommerce

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