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Today I want to talk about the ranking system in League of Legends, my progression in League of Legends ranking system is by far not that good, as much as I focus on not dying I somehow end up with leavers and feeders and I can’t do nothing about it, this brings me to a whole new chapter of how I managed to drop from Gold 1 to Iron 2 that was my downfall.

As I grew from silver 3 to gold 1 with master yi it happened something, I think a patch came or new champions were implemented and somehow I got weaker and started to get frustrated and leave matches that’s how I dropped lower in ranks and got leaverbuster on my account. Now I stopped leaving games obviously when I started losing but sometimes your PC crashes and it takes 10 minutes to come back to the game, you can do nothing about that wait time you just look to the monitor and pray it loads faster.

The season passed and my qualification matches got worse so I dropped even lower. The lowest I got was Iron 2, I forgot most of my tactics, I mentioned in a post a few days ago that I quit League of Legends for 6 years and after 6 years I came back because I told myself that I can play the game only if I don’t get angry when I lose a game, win or lose it doesn’t matter it was just a game.
Instead of playing League of Legends these 6 years I’ve been playing other games like World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm, that is the time where I got all my Blizzard game knowledge from.

Now as I come back to League of Legends I see that much has changed but my account remained the same, as I struggle to find new champion tactics, and try different items and rune combination I see that League of Legends has progressed very much from different MOBA games like Heroes of the Storm, the difference between them is huge in my eyes.
It is recommended when you learn to play a new champion to play draft or normal games so you can afford to lose the game. That is not my case and this explains why I dropped from gold to iron so fast because I did the mistake to learn to play new champions and try new items sets in the ranked system.

As you may know, to try different things inquire adaptation methods and a big fail rate, so when you are learning you are concentration on experimenting rather than winning the fight, and that is why I was not focused on winning but on learning while I was playing ranked.
I wasn’t interested in being grandmaster or stuff like that. I wanted to be very good with a champion I liked, but my problem was that I was learning how to play in ranked and I think many players do this especially in the lower tiers of the system.

I may do this, find a good item/rune combination learn some hero mechanics this may include about 3 or 4 draft games and after that I will play ranked and see what I’ve learned about my playstyle because I know it is effective because I’ve tried it in draft mode and only if I am 100% sure of the win rate I will play that champion and item/rune combination in the ranked system to win more games and eventually get back in gold.

If I get in a higher rank than gold I will write on my blog about it and keep you updated on my progression. It is very difficult in Iron even if you don’t feed you must carry the game or else you have 80% to lose the match. Not only that you don’t have to feed but if you don’t carry the team I bet no one would, there are many leavers and feeders in this division so if I want to reach a higher ranking I would have to carry the game myself, this means I will have to play known overpowered champions that I am very good at and to be capable of self-sustain.

Best luck in the fields of justice.

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