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Which is better LoL or Metin, Dota or Diablo, Heroes of the Storm or World of Warcraft? You may come across a time where you think about these things, I am made for role-playing or I am not? Do I like a faster quicker more intense game or I just wanna hang out with my buddies from the virtual world doing some complete unusual quests that only high-end developers think about and implement.

The main reason I questioned this is because I’ve played both. I played from WoW to Diablo 3 from WC3 TFT to League of Legends and I just can’t seem to know which do I like most, since I canceled my WoW subscription I’ve been playing very much LoL and Hots to forget about WoW for a while and it always comes back to me and I always tend to remember my characters and their levels

So to me an MMO-RPG is all about dungeons, raids, farm, gold, killing monsters, etc. while on the other hand, MOBA games are way out of that zone they are intense and very fast when the enemy hero has 1% HP and you die and there’s no one around because you 1v1-ed him and you lost. That can bring a lot of frustration among the players and make a toxic environment so it is better to play as a team in a MOBA game

MOBA is like come on face me do the job quickly, but you need a strategy you can’t win if u just all go mid and destroy all towers until base, can you? Well in Hots you can do this, and you can do it in 6 to 8 minutes, I’ve done it, it was the fastest game I ever had, all my team was like hyped, guys let’s do this again it was awesome (we joined a party after we won in 6 minutes ), but the next game was not the same anymore because we had better enemies, we won in 16 minutes, not 6.

So MOBA is like, show yourself and defend the castle from enemy invasion and MMO-RPG is like I wanna kill this monster many times to get the right loot, that is the difference. You can say that there are PVP options in MMO’s but let’s face it, who has the better gear wins. If you have 500 item levels and one warrior has 800 item levels how is that balanced, that guy farmed more than you did and got better items just like MOBA games you farm minions and kill players for gold and experience.

Well played. WooCommerce

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