Master Yi Gameplay

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Let me tell you guys how I managed back in the day to raise my ranking status in League of Legends with Master Yi as a main champion. I always queued as the jungle for most of the games even now I play main ADC and off lane jungle but few years ago I used to play the main jungle and my favorite champion was Yi. Considering I liked how Yi worked in my hands so much while I played it for so long I achieved some sort of skill with him.

If you want to get good with a champion you must like his playstyle first, so I played a lot of Yi and I developed all sorts of builds for him but I usually stuck with the most successful one I could find, I started the game with blue buff 70% of the time and red buff 30% of the time. I went in deep jungle for the big monsters, I was usually fighting monsters until my hp was very low, I didn’t gank early or risk feeding or so on. Feeding in ranked is the worst move you could make it’s better to lose a kill than to die, if you think about it logically it makes sense, you could risk dying and get no kills at all, so for this matter I prefer playing safe and counting on the most common tactic Yi players have: Snowballing.

Snowballing means you get one, two, three kills get some essential items which Yi needs to overpower early game and dominate the whole middle and late game because you are ahead of the enemy team. More briefly snowballing means getting ahead in gold, level and kills. Ahead of the enemy team means easy defeating 1v1 players. You could snowball with a lot of champions but with Yi, it’s the easiest. So I got some items, full basic jungle item like Stalker’s Blade and after that as fast as I could due to snowballing I would get Blade of the Ruined King, Infinity’s Edge, Phantom Dancer, Bloodthirster and Guardian Angel.

It seems simple enough, doesn’t it? You can get all these items fast enough only if you snowball and you don’t die, you mustn’t die because this gives the enemy team a lot of advantage, you could let the enemies farm but you mustn’t let them kill you because letting them get 300+ gold isn’t good for your team’s overall gameplay.

You could try my build even if you know it or you tried it before you know how strong Yi can get versus some heroes, not even armor can stop him if you get armor penetration items. In my opinion and if you are vs casters it’s easier in my opinion to just be careful when you Q on them because if you Q and run away you will just close the gap between you and the enemy and he will hit you for nothing, so don’t Q and run away it’s the worst you could do even if you die at least you will die honorably in my opinion. If you pay attention to some encounters you Q on them deal some damage and feel the need to flee, maybe they ran to the turret or something like that that’s ok you can get back if that’s the case, but I usually Q them only if I know I can kill them or at least damage them in some way, you have to have that hunter instinct in my opinion with master Yi, I think it’s the same as you play with Rengar or other similar assassins. WooCommerce

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