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I want to write about this because I think this is an important discussion to make, to make picking a race in WoW is vital and I always choose the best looking ones because playing a character for a while can be boring if you don’t like how the character looks.I’m going to start with the horde ones because I love the Horde I always play Horde in WoW I have very few Alliance characters made. The horde is my favorite faction to play so I enjoy it very much with all its races.

I’m going to start with Orcs, well orcs just look like bigger green dwarfs to me, they focus on brutal strikes and most people make orc warriors, I had this idea of an orc warrior myself, but I made a Tauren because it’s bigger than an orc and it has horns which I like. A Tauren is just a bigger brown orc. Orc females and orc males don’t have that much in common because they have almost the same height but are not as bulk as each other, I consider that orc females make good hunters ( with the racial passive that improves pet’s damage in beast mastery)

Undead, the undead are very sneaky and weird looking to me but they make good priests and rogues, some of us may play death knight undead, I think it’s a good combo but the way he grabs the ax or mace that two-handed weapon and attacks with it just isn’t for me I guess, the females I would say make good priests being a cloth ranged caster just seems to please my eyes when she casts those spells with her hands moving weirdly around her body.

I like cloth casters when I play undead females.

Tauren, The Tauren are my favorite of them all, my main is a Tauren warrior at max level with which I can’t seem to make some reasonable DPS as the other warriors due and I can’t figure out yet why I guess I just have to do some warrior DPS research until I find out. The females look horrible to me I don’t have any Tauren females created because I think they look weird with those hooves lol.

Trolls, these are the best shamans of them all I have a troll shaman and it looks like he is fighting with the capoeira style while I’m farming, not my favorite but it isn’t bad, I’d give him an 8 out of 10. Troll females are good hunters too, I mean they look good for hunting to me, I once followed Jaina’s leveling guide when the first game ( Vanilla) was available, and Jaina played a female troll character.

Blood Elves, they are great for paladins, warriors and all casters they look good if you’re trying to look fancy, both males and females look good to me, blood elves have a 10 out of 10 in my opinion.

Goblins, they are the worst looking race from the horde to me, not to mention they are as small as gnomes and green as orcs they even are fat ( I don’t have anything with fat people but I’m skinny and tall so I tend to check my appearance from time to time). Goblin females and males I would say that would make good casters but I never played a goblin neither male or female as I never play a gnome just because it looks weird, but what can I say sometimes you got to cope with what you’ve got.

Pandaren, the best monks best warriors and best shamans to me, unmatched in having fun and looking like a chubby male and female Pandarens I think are the most friendly race from the horde because they can join both the alliance and the horde, you pick what faction you want after you’ve created your Pandaren, so they are very friendly looking and I think they like beer also.

As an ending I would like to say that I like all the horde races and I don’t think that one race is better than the other I just think they look different from one another due to the fact that they have different racial passives, the difference in playstyle is minimum so, in the end, it all comes on which appearance you like the most. The allied races from the horde just appear to me as a different set of Taurens, orcs, blood elves and trolls so there is no reason to say anything about them because to me they look almost the same.

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