League of Legends Overview

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This post is about telling you folks while I still play LoL after such a long time, for a while, I haven’t been playing it, I couldn’t enjoy it enough to make me feel good about playing it so I quit. I decided to come back to it, but I don’t play normals it feels a bit hardcore for me now everybody’s moving so fast in-game and I can’t keep up with them at some level, so I decided to play ARAM all the way.

The good part with ARAM is that you get to play a lot of different characters in less time than you would play normal, and you can’t really choose which character to play you are given a random one, but I think this is a good thing for some reason because I learn different playstyles from different champions and different item combinations, I want to be as different as I can in my playstyle, you would ask me why, why wouldn’t I just go for recommended items all the way. I think in experiencing different possibilities that you could make with different items like item combinations and so on, now I can say why LoL is more developed than Hots because it is harder than Hots.

So in ARAM I just try new heroes and crazy item combinations to learn all sorts of new techniques I could use to win the game, but sometimes I would just want to surrender and finish fast but it’s up to the majority of the team to do that.

Trying new champions each game can boost your LoL comprehension in understanding all the possible counters that could occur in normal and ranked 5v5 game types, getting new item combination usually boosts your champions given abilities to new combinations Blade of the Ruined King and Guinso on a champion you would probably need attack speed more than actual damage.ARAM games don’t last that long they are pretty quick and do the job fast, they are very good for completing daily quests and so on.

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