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Hi guys, I’m writing again on a topic I should not miss discussing, I’ve logged in to League of Legends these days and I’ve seen there are some 10th-anniversary quests available and I would love to talk about them if you guys are interested in reading about it.

I want to talk to you guys about doing some of these daily quests that some of them are repeatable and give a lot of rewards, this meaning far more rewards than the daily quests in Heroes of the Storm give which are not repeatable. In Heroes of the Storm, you are given a new quest each day which stacks up 3 times, this means 3 days 1 quest a day and your quest log is full waiting for you to complete them.

Some of the League of Legends daily and repeatable quests give Blue Essence, Orange Essence, chests, key fragments and so on…

I think it’s very rentable and far more entertaining to play something which rewards you far more than usual here I am comparing League of Legends quest system to Heroes of the Storm system.

I think Heroes of the Storm is very far away from achieving League of Legend’s success in making people play the game, I’ve been playing both games for a while and I couldn’t stop to notice that they are very different indeed.

Heroes of the Storm needs a lot of new perks and update and a whole new mode of thinking the game through, and League of Legend has it, not to mention the competition in esports wich brings League of Legends to the new level.

Doing these 10th-anniversary quests in LoL is very entertaining I just select Howling Abyss play a game no matter if win or lose I still get the quest achieved and to be honest I like the rewards, they are not usual rewards, it feels like I’m receiving a bundle.

The quests momentarily have 3 weeks left remaining from the moment I am writing this. Playing for fun and not for competition can make the game far more entertaining especially to me I never play for competition if I’m not enjoying it I won’t play it, so lately I’ve been playing more and more LoL, not for the competition but the enjoyment that laid-back Aram gives.

I know you have to press pretty fast and be full focus in the team fight so you won’t die too early and may make some kills while ya at it but I think LoL just brings team play to a whole new level.

I feel like I’ve been stuck in Hots for a while trying to figure out the game and what it has to offer and I am not that impressed. Except the fact that it has the original team-shared experience level it really isn’t all that new to us, all the heroes come from other games so there is no innovation , it just feels like I’m playing on WC3 maps with heroes from other blizzard games, I know that’s the whole new point of view but I’ve been thinking why does blizzard does not invest in free games and all they want is to make profit out of WoW, Hots and Heartstone are the only free games in the battle.net app. The only game I don’t have from Blizzard is WC3 Reforged which I consider isn’t worth my money because I already have to original WC3 bought and it’s practically the same game with different graphics, I’m asking Blizzard to come up with new stuff not just in WoW but in every game he owns.

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