New MOBA Concept

Posted by WooCommerce

I was thinking lately about what the future holds concerning video games and more specifically the MOBA industry. I was thinking about a MOBA with more than three lanes, specifically saying five of them where there would be 10 players 2 for each lane, I don’t know if this thing is stable or not but it could be a good try for the gaming industry to make it viable enough if they like it. You can always invent and test new stuff like more complex maps and strategies rather than just improving the graphic quality of video games

A game where you could choose which map you play where you can select a given hero or a randomly selected one, of course buying with in-game currency. There are a lot of mobs out there like Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Dota 1 Dota 2.

But a new MOBA, thinking of more players in-game could have a massive success of one or more heroes leave the game, I’m not saying that they are to be replaced with AI like in Hots for example but like in League of Legends to allow the players to reconnect to the game if the game crashes or they leave until the game finishes.

This could result in a vast combination of items specializations talent trees and abilities or maybe even talents more complex than just actual pick this get this pick that get that. We could learn something from what is already lanched and implement to the actual game but it’s got to be original something that hasn’t been done before.

You could have in-game talents in-game items and gold farming and even shared experience or solo experience concerning the game mode, it could have different game modes and possibilities to reroll each class or champion.

The game could have even a background story maybe something legendary or even a storyline which gives you freedom to escape from the questline and do like something else like discovering new territories or convincing people to join your party, you could get experience from talking to people making them want to join your team or gold farming or even stats farming.

It could be with max level or without, I like the idea from Heroes of the Storm that you can have infinite level with each given hero from the game adding up to a total of each hero’s level to you account-level in-game. So the more you level each hero the more account level you will gain adding to a plus between the hero and the account’s level.

The maps could be diverse and particular it could be a static map like in LoL or maybe maps like in HotS but it’s important to choose the map you want to play I think this is the reason HotS is losing players because they are randomly given a map instead of choosing which map they want to play, it’s like roll the dice and try your luck kind of thing what Blizzard does with HotS. Not to mention the chest’s loot and it’s random treasure.

I like the Aram feature from League of Legends where you are randomly assigned a champion and you play on the map, you actually know the map you are playing in but you can’t choose your hero it’s given aleatory. But the gameplay is nice although League of Legends has a lot of trolls and kids who say “EZ” at the end of the game like it’s a piece of cake, I find this some sort of amusing tease from them which I don’t taste. But referring strictly to the actual gameplay I absolutely adore it with all my heart it’s the best game mode in LoL while normal it’s sometimes harder for me to play because of the tactics ( at one point in my life I was really good at LoL but I rerolled to WoW and after that to HotS)

Anyway considering the fact that League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm are very different games from different universes I don’t really mind that I take some sort of gameplay and practice the game from one another I mean they are the most successful out there but the more I think about HotS the more I find it interesting to ask myself why people say it’s a dead game, I enjoy it very much myself I actually prefer Hots to Dota 2. I think the hardest MOBA game there is on the market is Dota 2 I think this because you feel completely alone in it you feel like you could solo all the enemy team if you have the items and farm early. If there wasn’t for Icefrog’s map in Warcraft 3 Dota Allstars there wouldn’t be MOBA games right now. Interesting huh?. From just one Warcraft map to a whole game.

That’s why people need imagination than actual knowledge for doing this because they can make anything possible from scratch even a new game. WooCommerce

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