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It came to my mind recently if Blizzard somehow introduced in Heroes of the Storm a game mode which allows players to select their own preferred map instead of just a random given map maybe the game would have had more players. Considering this thought I imagine a game mode where you can select any hero you have and also select which map do you want to play with that hero, not just aleatory a map given by the computer because if you select the map you can choose a suitable hero for that map also.

For example if you want to play Nova in Towers of Doom, you first select which hero do you want to play like Nova and after that you select your wanted map like Towers of doom or Dragon Shire or any map you want to play in, but this is more complex than it seems because you would have to first select a map then your hero, and you would have to share the given map with your allies and your enemies ( what if they want another map and you want Towers of Doom or Dragon Shire).

The matchmaking would have to be rethought into searching for maps and hero classes ( the matchmaking queue to search for the players who want to play that map and their class roles to play on Dragon Shire)For example you get a screen of maps, you choose the map, after that your hero, and to make a system that search players compatible with the selected map who choose it and considering the pool of gamers who want to play on that map to make 5man teams out of them to fight each other.

Instead of searching for which hero players have selected they would have to search for which map they want to play and not after the ranged assassin, bruiser, tank or healer. They alone would have to figure out which heroes to play but at least they can select the map they play on.

I think this is a great downfall for HotS where you can’t choose on which map to play you are just randomly given one, even if you feel like playing one certain map, you would have to do with a randomly given one.

I think this new model would attract a lot of MOBA players even if it’s a little bit harder to implement. But all other MOBAs have this matchmaking system like League of Legends, for example, you get to know which map you will end on if you wanna play ARAM map or just normal 5v5 map, you first select your wanted map, and after that, you select your champion.

I know HotS is very different from League of Legends the games have their differences but the game designers can learn something from these differences as they are, not just for bragging about which is cooler, if you see something cool in a game and you have your own game, I think it’s worth a shot thinking about it, to improve certain game styles not to remake the whole game. I personally love Heroes of the Storm and I have way more fun with it than League of Legends, but in my case, I also see a lot of improvement that could be done to the game to get more players in it.

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