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I’ve played some games with Raynor and the only viable conclusion I’ve got concerning the talents is that you always have to put your talents into your trait ability. It’s the only viable option with him, you maximize the trait you maximize the auto-attack damage dealt, it’s very simple, no big deal.

On this map Towers of Doom, I’ve had to focus even on tanks because they were on the front line while being defended by Sg. Hammer, we still won in the end but I think that was because we got 2 towers by the end of the game, making it difficult for them to get the altars because they had to get their towers back lol.

The gameplay with Raynor is fun and simple you have to auto-attack enemies and the more you get a third attack on an enemy hero the more your damage will get a boost, the first talent you get improves your trait damage by 0.75% of the total damage dealt with your third attack making your third attack more and more powerful with each strike.

Raynor is a snowball hero obviously being so easy to play you just sit back beside your healer and attack enemy front lines, you can easily destroy towers with your banshee or Hyperion whatever you choose for your ultimate ability.

The tricky part with him is not to get out of place I mean to not get cornered and be careful of how you position yourself on the map, if you go too far into enemy territory you won’t have that many chances of survival because he is very squishy, the best tactic to play with him is to sit in the middle of your team being protected by your tanks and healed by your healer, that’s the way you can deal very high amount of damage.

His first ability has a pushback so when you feel overwhelmed by mele attackers you can push them back and run away to safety eventually to get healed, be careful if you pushback a running enemy with low health you might just secure his escape ( did this a few times πŸ˜€ )

As a conclusion I’m suggesting a play with Raynor where you always sit in the middle of your team and play safe, maxing your ranged damage with your trait and securing enemy kills easily with your abilities, Raynor can be a fine pusher also with your Hyperion ability so use it as often as you can on towers and buildings. Raynor is a very easy hero to play so I’m guessing the majority of HotS players really know how to play him.

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