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While I’m playing as a support hero in Heroes of the Storm, I got a feeling that I don’t actually know if I’m a support or a healer, blizzard separated healers from supports, the way I figured it out is that supports often have shields and CC while healers do mostly direct or area healing, that’s the difference between them.

Why I chose to play a support hero? Well, I think supporting and shielding your allies has a crucial fact in-game battle they can deny real hard damage, for example, The Butcher he is a very strong melee damage assassin and can only be effectively denied with shields, not all healers have shields, but almost all supports have.

Lucio, for example, has a talented mega-shield that shields all his allies and he is a healer but this is one of the exceptions, for example, Uther does not have a spell that shields him or his allies. So while I’m playing Tassadar shielding allies and casting Psionic Storm on the ground it’s very fun until you become an Archon or you talent your Force Wall.

The cool thing about Tassadar is that he is a Starcraft hero and has a spell which grants him a really cool escape Dimensional Shift grants you invulnerable and unrevealable for 2 seconds which can make you escape from difficult situations; the downfall is that it has a 30 second cooldown which means if there are 2 dangerous encounters one after the other you wouldn’t escape the second time due to your cooldown.

As talents, I always try to improve the most used spell I cast such as Plasma shield, for example, increased life-steal on melee attacks while plasma shield is active or increased movement speed while the shield is active on an ally.

There’s not much strategy you can use on Tassadar you always have to stick with your team in order to shield them and prevent them from dying and use some of your talented CC such as Force Wall the bad thing about force wall is that it only is up for 2 seconds and after that it falls, so you can use this minimum CC in your advantage for a minimum time but it can prevent enemies from escaping your team and finishing them off while they are cornered.

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