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Considering Qhira is a new hero I tend to think that she is more like Riven than any other hero in HotS, she can deal a high amount of damage to enemy players and still get a clear escape after that, she can deal damage over time and execute opponents from a distance, or just brawl in the middle of the enemy team with her ultimate stunning all enemies near her.

As I learned her game style and how to play her I had to play her melee style. I improved what could be improved on her mele attack every talent spend I chose to spend when I could choose in her auto-attacks damage.

If there were no melee talents to chose from I improved my W ability Blood Rage and E ability Revolving Sweep the rest of the talents I spend on my auto-attack damage improving abilities for a good close encounter.

What can I say about her is that she has a fine way of playing you can easily close the gap between you and the targeted enemy sending a hook to pull you closer, more like a rogue in World of Warcraft.

Her Blood Rage can heal herself when casting on enemy heroes so she has a slight life steal but not much. I love her ultimate Final Strike which executes enemies in a straight line if they have low hp. I would suggest playing her, she is very fun if you are melee damage hero enthusiasts, I personally love her and the way I play with her it’s amazing sometimes you can get a score of 3 or 4 heroes easily.

She is very good right now before she gets any nerfs in the game, usually, new heroes in any game are overpowered and after a time they get normalized and nerfed to not be that big fuss about them anymore.

But the playstyle is smooth and I’m enjoying it. You feel like you can 1v1 anybody in the game almost, in one game I 1v1 Arthas and I killed him twice not in a row but we both didn’t have full hp so it usually feels like your hunting all enemy low hp players.

You have a talent at level 20 where you can see every low health hero on the map and it gives you improved movement speed by 20% it’s called No Sanctuary. At level 20 if you choose this talent you can easily chase the low health ones and finish them off especially if you got the Last Strike it’s a very good combo between talents.

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