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Hello, I wanna talk about Diablo 3 in this post, and I want to say that I haven’t finished the game I’m stuck with my Barbarian at level 45, not just because I don’t like it that much but because I think it’s a very hard game that requires you to search all over the map to finish quests.

It may seem simple enough for you to roam around killing monsters and things like that but finding the quest objective takes me a lot of time, the first missions until the King Leoric are not that easy to do but after that just grinding monsters and farming to level up and complete the given quests.

For example you are given a quest to reach some point in your journey and meet up with a mage, till you get there you have to grind your way through 1000 or more monsters and find the right pathway to reach that point, although it’s just a game and you will surely find it on the map it just takes a lot of grinding mobs to do so and there are a lot of NPC’s to deal with.

I know Diablo as a Warcraft game actually, it’s more like WoW than any other game Blizzard Entertainment has launched I think WoW is inspired after Diablo 1 and 2, that’s my personal opinion on that because first was Diablo and after that was World of Warcraft.

So presuming Diablo 3 is more like a one-time buy game unlike World of Warcraft which has a subscription-based, Diablo can be preferred to WoW in some ways. For example, if you get bored of your warrior class in WoW but you still like the idea of a warrior, you can go roll a barbarian in Diablo, seems simple enough, It’s kind of the same game style but with a different story.

I loved WoW so much I spent hours and hours of playing it to later discover Diablo which is in many ways like World of Warcraft and it does not require me to pay each month to play.

Of course, the games have their differences you can prefer WoW to Diablo it’s just your option but you always have the chance to choose which game to play, you can even play both if you like. But it’s kinda the same thing after that you will get used to the gameplay and you will ask yourself some sort of question like this: Am I playing WoW or Diablo because the sort of feel the same. I ask myself this question when I play both games. But the differences are that in WoW it’s more like a freestyle-play environment, you can do everything you want instead in Diablo you are given sort of chain-like quests you have to complete to reach the next given quest, so I guess Diablo is a WoW based more on storytelling and lore rather than just actual freestyle-play.

So the conclusion I’m getting out of this is that you are more likely have a chance to enjoy a more freestyle-play game in World of Warcraft instead of Diablo because when you play Diablo you need to always finished the given quest to reach the next one so If you enjoy a chain-quest given storytelling World of Warcraft yeah I would definitely recommend Diablo it’s fun practice and it’s a lot of grinding, takes while to reach high level but you got items and stuff like that and the gear-drops just never end.

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