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Hi guys, I wanna share my experience with Warlocks now, considering it’s such an important class I’ve been playing as a demonology warlock for always like I love those demons and the Felguard pet.

My Demonology Warlock With Felguard pet

For me as a demonology warlock it’s been very easy in PvE but in PvP not that good, I’ve been trying some PVP with my warlock but with no major results, casting is slow, you can be interrupted and mele champions such as rogues and warriors really can finish you off quick with that cloth armor.

I’ve been doing mostly PvE with my warlock and it was cool kind of laid back sort of gameplay, just sit in the back and cast the spells, at the beginning at early levels you don’t quite catch a minion alive because of the rest of the group but as you go further into level you have time to cast your spells before them dying.

The demonology warlock is main based on your demons which means your pet, you have the opportunity to improve your pet to the maximum with this specialization, I always liked a class where you don’t feel alone, where you don’t feel like playing alone and where you’re not alone while playing it, as a demonology warlock you always have your pet beside you and that feels much more as a companion thing in your journey or questing or doing some dungeons, you always feel supported while you play.

Blizzard when introduced the classes with pets I think had this idea that when you’re not in a party or a raid such as question or doing solo adventures to not be alone and have someone with you to help out with the quests and killing monsters faster and doing everything for you and helping you out.

Warlock and Hunters are not that far away from each other when it comes to pets, they both are pet dependent and can rely on their pets to do most of the damage, so when I play a pet having class I always tend to choose the warlock giving the more variable spells and such like that, it’s not that I don’t like hunters I love them but it’s all about choosing to shoot with a ranged weapon such as a bow or gun or crossbow or casting spells and being more chill about all that questing PvE experience, it’s your choice and mine was Warlock, I also have a hunter wich I can play but beats can differ from demons and you would also have to like the pet to like the whole class as a whole.

Playing a Warlock is kinda funny because you can heal yourself with drain life so actually, you’re also helping out your healer too sometimes, you can Soulstone the tank or the healer of the party for them to raise back from the dead when killed acting like a spirit healer in your group.

Warlock even have a summoning portal when in raid encounters and need more people to come to the raid you can summon a portal in which they can teleport to it and that’s pretty fun because this saves ALOT of actual flying time with the mounts.

Considering that you have multiple pets to choose from I would say that the Felguard is best for demonology play even if I don’t think that everyone plays with demon guard who has the demonology specialization.

I always tend to play with a Felguard because man he looks so badass, I always loved his appearance, to be honest, it’s the coolest looking pet I’ve ever seen in the game till the Devilzaur from the beast mastery hunter.

As of the talents I won’t talk about them here, I’m not an expert I just get what suits me better, not every talent build on the internet is made for every game style so you should always adapt your talents to your currently game style and just put your talents in what spells you actually need or cast the most that’s how I do when I get my talents, I just improve the spells that I use the most in order to get the most out of each spell.

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