Illidan Gameplay

Posted by WooCommerce

This is my play with Illidan the betrayer, I’ve been playing with him for a while but I’m not that good not even a pro actually, sometimes I get it right sometimes I don’t that’s life, all you can do is your best, but my actual playstyle is very flexible, I always tent to bend my talents on the enemy team composition so I can counter them with talents sort of speak.

Firstly with Illidan you have to get the talent in which you farm minions to get bonus attack damage then you need improved lifesteal and after that, you just improve your damage-dealing abilities and bend your talents on the enemy team composition, that’s what I always do on every hero I play in this game.

I always like bending the talents so I can adapt to new playstyle, I’m not a static guy, I’m always changing, and no matter if you win or lose in this game the most important thing to do is your best, that’s what all you can do.

If the enemy team is better and your team is slacking there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s just a game 15 minutes of your life just learning a lesson in the game where winning just depends on your team’s ability to focus and certain counters in matchmaking.

In this game I got countered from matchmaking by cassia, being a quick-match the teams were randomly assigned, both teams didn’t have a healer so it’s was that much harder, they had two specialists while we had only one.

I still use the word specialist instead of ranged assassin to show you guys that some ranged assassins in the present game are still specialists as they were before because there weren’t made major changes to the gameplay they’re names were just changed.

The map was on Braxis holdout, you had to capture the beacons and unleash the zerg upon the enemy team’s forts and the overpowered thing about the zerg is that if you support them in rushing to the enemy base they become much stronger and harder to defeat given the actual support from enemy heroes they become as much dangerous as they can.

At the end of the game, I used my ultimate the hunt on Valla but she died before I reached her and that popped up a bug me casting the hunt into the enemy base, I got it on film, you guys can skip to the finishing sequence to see how I cast the ultimate on Valla and the disappears and I’m teleported inside the enemy base, of course, this is a major bug but I think this has happened before I don’t know why. Blizzard should fix this.

I tried my best but while I was countered by Cassia so I couldn’t kill her I could kill Valla and Nazeebo pretty easy but Cassia was always roaming around so it was pretty hard for me to score something 😀

They got most of the zerg on the map so I don’t worry we just did what we could do and the game was just fluid enough, even if they were better than us it was a good game. WooCommerce

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