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This is my butcher play, In this video I showed you guys how fast you can snowball Master Yi style with one of the biggest and best heroes in Heroes of the Storm, I call it Master Yi style as in League of Legends because I’m also a big League fan and I still play the game from time to time.

In this recorded video I showed you guys how fast and bad can butcher get with just a few hero and minion kills at the beginning of the game, I died only once all game and got above 20 kills till the end, I gathered enough meat so my damage could get near 800 per hit.

The key to snowballing with The Butcher is to not die initially till you get 200 meat so you won’t drop your meat when you die, that’s how I did it and I became an unstoppable rending machine out there in the game.

I had to play defensive let my team make the scores while I gathered up the loot (the meat) from enemy players and minions and after I had enough it was time to push into the enemy lane as I could afford dying due to completed trait quest.

The secret behind Butcher’s gameplay is simple, gather meat, invest in talents which improves movement speed attack speed and melee damage dealing and after then you are almost unstoppable and can easily run against 2v1 and 3v1 heroes because you have nearly 300% they’re mele damage

As an ultimate I get Lamb to the Slaughter because I want my enemies to not run from me when I engage I want them close because that’s how I finish them quicker, If they can’t escape my Butcher wrath they can’t win the game against me, because I’m too powerful being level 20 and having above 200 meat.

With the talents given at level 16 and 20, Blood frenzy and nexus blades boost my damage output, so when you’re above 16 put your talents in these and you will have a very high damage outcome.

Butcher does not only have a very high trait damage outcome he also have damage boosting talents so look out for them when they pop and invest in them because it can make the difference of winning or losing, The butcher being a hard carry in the game your team needs you very much to deal that high damage for them especially if you don’t have enough damage-dealing heroes in your team.

So the summary is :

  • Play safe early don’t die and gather 200 meat to complete your trait first.
  • Put your talents in damage dealing speed enhancing abilities.
  • Try to focus on the healers always
  • Try to stay behind your team and don’t die for getting more meat from fallen enemy heroes.

As long as you farm meat you will going to be the highest damage dealer in the game, so use these tactics in your advantage next time you play the Butcher in Heroes of the Storm.

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