Nicehash miner

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This is outrageous

I just came back to you guys to tell you that facebook is the biggest scam to ever be made in the 21st century!

They can block you for literally posting anything against their law!

I got blocked on my main account for 30 days now, first they forgive me, then they ban me for one day then they ban me for 3 days then they ban me for consecutive 7 days in a row and after 2 sessions of 7 day bans i get the big 30 day ban.

I said ok if they don’t like my face then I will make another account and start yelling at them until they un-ban me. I made another account and I was careful enough not to mention my real name or my ex e-mail or my phone number and guess what, after a few days I get banned on this account too.

Like what the fuck are the facebook employees thinking when they do that? are they fucking insane, on my first two bans those with one day block and 3 day block was because I shared a meme with Hitler, and after that it just rolled over with bans like it didn’t even matter what I posted I get banned instantly.

Do they even call themselves employees? Is that even a business? I take this call out to report this website for harassing me and my legal freedom of speech .

I have the right to post anything I like on the web even if it’s Mark Zuckerberg’s website or my own. So fuck you Mark Zuckerberg and Fuck you all at facebook, I hate you. I hate your guts. You should go to hell.

Zeratul Gameplay WooCommerce

Today I’m going to talk a little about Zeratul from Hots, I know he’s a very strong mele assasin and all but I personally developed a playstyle with him bursting my mele damage instead of my abilities and I want to show you guys what’s my combo so maby I can inspire you guys to do the same with him if you like it enough.

My talent builds are like this :

  • Level 1 : Move Unseen
  • Level 4: Darkness Within
  • Level 7: Warp Skirmisher
  • Level 10: Might of the Nerazim
  • Level 13: Mending Strikes
  • Level 16: Master Warp-Blade
  • Level 20: Nexus Blades

So with this talent build I focus mostly on dealing high damage from my basic attacks I got improved Vorpal Blade for that second teleport to enemy so they don’t escape fast enough.

I don’t know how good this build is but I made this for me and I thought I could help you guys out if you don’t know which talents to select with Zeratul, This could be a really cool heads-up for you guys.

If you never thought that you could do more mele damage with Zeratul then think again because he is an invisible stealth assasin that can deal tons of melee damage if the right talents are chosen.

I got myself lifesteal improved attack speed and an extra vorpal blade so I can close the gap between me and my enemies quicker, So I won’t lose time chasing them.

Zeratul is an outstanding 1v1 Hero with this given talent build you can solo most heroes in the game 1v1. The thing that I like the most about Zeratul is his invisibility and the ability to cast a second time another given spell ability, You can choose to cast cleave or Singularity Spike, or Teleport whichone do you want, and you can zone faster.

I personally chose this build for me because I prefer doing mele damage instead of focusing all the time on my spells because spells have a cooldown while attacking with mele or ranged weapons dosn’t wich means you can deal more high sustained damage than focusing all the time on your spells.

I see spells on Zeratul as an offset of his mele assasin capabilities to focus on heroes, He can crit, attack faster have life-steal and teleport out of danger, he is very mobile and more likely to do well in mele combat not to mention he is invisible. WooCommerce

Horde or Alliance?

100% of the WoW players ask this question, what faction to play, horde or alliance? But I think of it in terms as you can play as horde if you like being the baddest or you can play alliance if you want to be more protective, I see the alliance guys more as normal defenders than just brute force like the horde is. I can see now that the alliance faction is more defensive than the horde, and the horde may seem more aggressive overall in quests or battlegrounds. I think it’s the appearance that counts when choosing a faction if it matters the fact that you like how they look. Each race has it’s own special perks and it’s special in a unique way, most of my characters are made based on looks with each race but when I try to focus on the performance I look at the Racial special abilities that they have.

I can’t compare all the races now it just matters which racial passive works with your chosen class that you have. For example, as rogues on the alliance, I think that night elves and humans do better than the rest, just the way I think that undead works better for priests and warlocks at the horde.

So when you’re choosing either to play alliance or horde just focus on things like looks but also racial passives and you can take into consideration even the battlegroup for the PvP and PvE.

You can find a link here for the battlegroups to find which realms work together for dungeon finder or raid finder or random battlegrounds.

And it’s simply your choice to decide either on which realm you wanna play horde or alliance it does not matter. I found out that the horde can be better in PvP than alliance in some battlegroups so if you know one faction is better than the other chose the best.

Stronghold Crusader WooCommerce

Hi guys, I want to write today about a game that I was playing since childhood since I was a teenager, It’s a strategy-based game with medieval fights and buildings.

So actually in this game, you are a Lord and need to build a castle to defend your people and conquer territories and defeat other lords. It’s more like age of empires but way cooler.

In my opinion it’s a very laid back game I mean it’s not that hard to play the strategy is simple, you have to defend your castle and your lord by building walls and towers, training archers and mercenaries building forges and stuff like that to train your people into fighting soldiers to attack the enemy base. You need food and granaries to store your rations so that people won’t starve to death. The matchmaking is simple you can play 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 or you can play free for all. You can charge taxes to your people to earn gold or sell goods on the market to buy more soldiers.

The coolest thing about this game, in my opinion, is the fact that you can build very strong stone walls to protect your keep from enemy fighters such as archers and soldiers who try to attack your castle and fortress.

The main goal in my opinion on this game is to never let your people starve to death because if they starve then they start dying and there would be no one to pay the taxes to buy soldiers so you can’t defend your castle anymore. There are places where you can collect wood and stone which are used for buildings you can collect ore to make weapons and armor for your soldiers, you can even build churches for your people to be more fierce and spiritual in battle, How cool is that?

You can ally with players and play multiplayer games and even trade goods between factions to pursue your quest. The main objective of the game is to defeat your enemies so you and your allies win the game.

Some times it can be tricky because the enemy might buy archer mercenaries early in the game and rush to your people’s base making it hard to farm food and collect wood and stone to get you stronger.

But you can you that tacting also it’s called a rush tactic in strategy-based games, like starcraft when the games start the player with the zerg faction just rushes with zerglings early in the game to destroy the enemy probes it can be very frustrating starting the game for 5 minutes and just losing at the start. But this tactic is very effective especially in starcraft games, but you can use this in every strategy-based game. It works I can guarantee you that if you want a quick win and the opponent is not prepared.

I used this tacting in some stronghold games but if the computer or enemy player is faster than you and it builds early stone walls it will be harder to slay its minions because of the stone bricks that protect them so I think it’s more effective in starcraft the early-rush tacting but it works in every game.

I like the fact that you can build very strong soldier with high plate armor and very heavy equipment to fight by your side but they move very slowly when attacking the enemy for but they are very resilient, you can build catapults to get down enemy buildings and walls easier while the knights rush in the base after the wall was broken.

In short terms, it’s a very good medieval strategy fighting game in my opinion. It’s very fun even now I enjoy playing it. I don’t have much experience in strategy games and I even am very slow but I can understand very fast what the game is about and how to win it, You learn playing so have fun playing with it guys. WooCommerce

A strong mining foundation

Hello, I am about to talk to you in this article about mining and how can you make profit out of bitcoin mining or alt coin mining.

Firstly you need a place to put your bitcoin after you have mined it. The place for you to do that is Coinbase, you can find the link here. At Coinbase you get to generate you wallets in order for you to deposit your bitcoin profits. You go to settings tab in your Coinbase account and you generate your wallets at Crypto Wallets tab.

After you get your wallets done you need a miner. For starters I would recommend CryptoTab. You can get Cryptotab at this link.

The second thing in mind after you get your CPU miner activated is to get your GPU miner up and running because CryptoTab is best for integrated GPU laptops if you have a good running personal computer you can opt for Cudo Miner as well as going with CryptoTab in parallel just disable you CPU mining algorithm from your Cudo Miner and mine with your CPU with CryptoTab to maximize your profits with GPU and CPU simultaneously .

After you get your minimum 0.00001 BTC with CryptoTab withdraw your earnings to your Coinbase wallet and trade them for real money like USD or EUR.

The same thing you should do with your Cudo Miner although the minimum withdraw with Cudo Miner is 0.002 BTC I would strongly recommend you would get really good GPU’s in order for you to withdraw that amount as fast as you can.

The main reason I used Cudo Miner is that you have a stable alt coin that you mine at it automatically exchanges it to bitcoin. Not to mention that with Cudo Miner when you sign up for it you get a bonus of 0.00005 BTC to start from so they make it really easy to have a startup with them. But it could take a while for you to reach 0.002 BTC minimum withdraw limit for you if you only have one GPU. This can make sense if you decide to start your mining farm with Cudo Miner and if it really works for you then why not trying it.

It’s a good miner and you can make allot of profit from it, I personally choose CryptoTab for my CPU to mine with because it has a lower withdraw limit and it is slightly faster than Cudo Miner but I also need Cudo Miner to mine with my GPU, I should leave no part of my PC go to waste right?

So this is the solid foundation I was talking to you guys about, if you are really into Crypto mining this is the time and space to start it from, you can start your own mining farm just like I started when I found out about CryptoTab, it just rolled over from there into infinity and beyond. Just like a snowball you throw from the edge of a mountain peak and the longer it goes down the mountain the bigger the snowball gets and eventually generating your own Crypto avalanche.

Why is CryptoTab the Best CPU miner on the web.

CryptoTab Browser is the fastest CPU miner out there. Why?

I will tell you guys. I recently had Nicehash miner and my CPU mining average was about 1300 kh/s and with CryptoTab Browser I get about 1700 H/s so eventually which is better I ask you this one.

I will tell you why you need CryptoTab Browser today in order for you to get income as fast as possible and have a stable financial income right now.

Cryptotab Browser is made out of mining algorithms right? Well those same algorithms apply in affiliation also, so the best thing about CryptoTab is actually affiliation, this is my true opinion.

If you get about 10.000 affiliates mining for you with CryptoTab in a year, you get about 1 BTC in 6 months, why? I will show you the affiliation process in a banner bellow.

The banner above literally shows you how to get more affiliates to your CryptoTab community.

So eventually you will end up with more affiliates than you think. CryptoTab Browser is a mining browser designed to mine bitcoin with your computer’s CPU. I highlight the fact that CryptoTab Browser does not mine with your GPU boards, you can to that with Cudo miner.

If you want to install Cudo Miner and mine with you CPU and GPU you should follow this link. If you want to install CryptoTab Browser and mine only with your CPU follow this link.

If you want to mine with your CPU with CryptoTab Browser and mine with your GPU with Cudo Miner the choice is all yours.

I personally mine with Nicehash on my GPU and use my CPU to mine with CryptoTab.

Cudo Miner is a very good miner which mines allot of different alt coins. You can get Cudo Miner at this link. Cudo miner also has a 2 level affiliation setup. While CryptoTab has a 10 level affiliation setup so it is actually easier for you to mine and affiliate with CryptoTab you spreading your CryptoTab Affiliation links all over the web.

Cudo Miner

If you are interested in mining Bitcoin, Ravencoin, Etherium and Monero, Cudo Miner is the one for you.

Cudo Miner uses different algorithms to mine Monero, Etherium , Bitcoin and Ravencoin and it is all tradeable.

You can choose which coin you would like to withdraw with your wallet.

You can choose which transaction to make in order for you to get the desired coins.

Cudo Miner mines different alt coins which are tradeable into bitcoin, monero, etherium and ravencoin, so if you like these coins I would strongly recommend you getting this Cudo Miner.

Cudo Miner is a fast miner who can mine multiple algorithms and coins and trade them directly in your wallet for your desired alt coins or bitcoins.

You can get Cudo Miner today just follow this link to download and start mining.

Happy mining all!

Bitcoin Taxing

I do not agree with Bitcoin being taxed by the government, yes it should be legal to mine bitcoin, yes it should be legal to be traded , but a tax about 10% to exchange bitcoin on Romanian grounds is very high if you ask me.
I do not agree with any taxing at all of bitcoin in two cases.
1. bitcoin is decentralised.
2. Bitcoin is an anti-government currency.
It was actually made for the government to not be capable of gaining profits from it.
But because Satoshi Nakamoto left bitcoin as it is and passed his idea to another.
This could actually mean that the government could clearly make profits out of this then they should support us by making lower electricity fees.
In order for us to make a living out of bitcoin we should actually gain more profit and lower the fees.
Ok you can tax it 10% but lower the electricity bill so we could also gain profit.
I think it is fair enough.
Less electricity fee less money loss.
The lower we have to pay for our income, the higher the profits are, did you think that you could take 10% of our profits and get away with them like snap?
Low budget on the electricity bill is incoming.
Lower the electricity tax and maximize bitcoin profits.
You cannot just take take take from everywhere you can, and not give something back in return, it is our electricity and it is our bitcoin this meaning it is our money you are playing with.
This is a monetary revolution you are experiencing right now.
When you tax something so valuable, don’t get frustrated when you see yourself in the mirror in the morning.
For what?